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PickUp Machinery Types

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Pick-up is an innovative machinery which aims to innovate the recycling process. Nowadays, the sorting processes of the recycling materials take a huge amount of energy and complex machinery with a low capacity factor.


Pick-up is the simple and innovative technology developed after years of experience in the recycling industry team allows a drastic reduction in terms of maintenance time and energy consumption. In fact, Pick-up is thought to replace the existing machinery which is using an obsolete screening method, with a simple and efficient mechanical process. A patent covers the sorting mechanical process undergo by Pick-up, a series of successful reliability tests have been performed in different waste plants in Italy.


What makes Pick-up a cutting-edge solution in the waste industry is its flexibility to be adapted to every kind of sorting process. Pick-up is designed to work in hard situations, during the test campaign the machine was overloaded for several hours showing outstanding reliability performance. In the last year, the development team is studying new applications of Pick-up in different industries included the water cleaning of floating objects being the machine able to work in wet conditions.


In conclusions, Pick-up is able to enhance the sorting process in the waste industry reducing costs and maintenance time. The small dimensions allow the machine to operate in new plants or revamping projects.